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Welcome to our city!

Our story

Welcome to our home. We have spent many years of our childhood and youth in this home. Simple and, of course, eye-catching architecture of the house led us to renovate our ancestral heritage, and to share our native lifestyle with you, we have converted the house into a traditional accommodation. Our beautiful and plain house has 8 rooms and 1 pond-house, and we named it “Malek Residence“, for it is located within the distance of 100 meters away from Malek Market and Kashan Bazaar. The house is located in the heart of a town where the life had been going on in seven thousand years ago. What is, without a doubt, of high value to us is the location of “Malek Residence” which has been erected by the side of Bazaar and in part of the town where the identity, authenticity and the native lifestyle of Kashan is felt in every single brick of its old texture and this allows our dear guests to stroll leisurely through the old alleys of the town and experience the quiet and carefree life which everybody is seeking for. Our constant endeavor is to create and record a moment which takes you to the peaceful and tranquil life of the past and overwhelm you with the pleasure of the moment.
– We have prepared a fully Iranian breakfast for you in the pond-house complex. Do not miss drinking a cup of tea in the evening.
– Everyone in Malek Residence tries to create a quiet and pleasant moment for you, hence feel free to share your request with us at any time of the day.
– Free Internet is available everywhere in the house, but it is recommended to spend some hours of your peaceful native and traditional life without cyberspace.
– Traditional bathroom as well as traditional massage is provided to redouble the enjoyment of your stay.
– All our efforts are to develop a sustainable tourism. Holding artistic and cultural events for the guests has been provided by the house in order to familiarize them with the local customs of Kashan.
– You are our guest in our home and what is the matter of the greatest importance to us is your satisfaction, thus leave comments for us so that we can remedy our shortcomings and offer our strengths creatively.
“Malek Residence” tries its best to combine the Kashani hospitality with Iranian vitality of life and leave its guests with beautiful and everlasting memories. Be our constant companion on this journey.